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The Life and Times of Mysedai

Stuck in the Middle of the Compass Rose

17 November 1979
Oh, for the love of fuck. If I could fit even a fitting synopsis of my life and/or personality in this little space there would be no need for a journal. I'll give you a little clue though, here are the characteristics that are common to people with my first name:
...dynamic and highly strung nature. You have a humanitarian and principled side to your character and will go out of your way to help someone if you feel there is injustice or unfairness. You often become involved in situations without any thought of the consequences. You are basically seeking truth in life and have a very analytical and questioning mind. Being perceptive and intuitive, you often respond to your hunches, which can lead you into bitter experiences. You love change, travel, and new opportunities and dislike monotonous detail. Though you show enthusiasm over a new-found interest, you seldom finish the things you start. If you are repressed or restricted in any way, you become frustrated, moody, and depressed. You often speak directly and can be cutting and sarcastic. You experience many disappointments with people, for you trust others and take them at their word, only to be let down. In time, you could become cynical and extremely critical towards people. Your driving, seeking nature and intensity of feelings could cause you to experience nervous breakdowns.
Well, if all that is true my journal could be an interesting little trip.